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Issue #44

Hi there,
Welcome to the 44th issue of iOS Code Review! Today I'm sharing five topics that caught my attention during the past couple of weeks. Enjoy the reading!

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Structuring unit tests

To prevent our complex unit tests from turning into a mush of hard-to-read code, we can annotate the tests using the Given-When-Then technique:

// Given
let mockStorage = Storage(value: "123")
let sut = Cache(storage: mockStorage)
// When
// Then
XCTAssertEqual(mockStorage.value, nil)

This is a tiny example, but a real saver for more complex test scenarios.
Read more by Martin Fowler:

bliki: GivenWhenThen
a bliki entry for GivenWhenThen

Don't change default params when subclassing

This unexpected behavior came as a total surprise for me - when we override a method with default parameters, sometimes the default parameters of the superclass's method will be used. So we should keep the default values the same in the override's method signature to avoid surprises and bugs.

An Unexpected Behavior of Subclasses in Swift
Don’t change default param’s values when subclassing

Delegate naming conventions

The delegate pattern is familiar to iOS developers, but naming of the delegate methods can differ. A good practice is to include the sender parameter, and make it clear in the function name that it's a delegate method, so it stands out at the implementer side.
Read about good naming conventions for delegate methods by John Sundell:

Delegation in Swift | Swift by Sundell
The delegate pattern has long been very prominent on Apple’s platforms, and used for everything from handling table view events using UITableViewDelegate, to modifying cache behavior using NSCacheDelegate. This week, let’s take a look at a few ways to implement the delegate pattern, along with their…

Fixing file header template for packages

Xcode still doesn't add proper filename, project name and copyright into new files created in SPM packages. Here's a short article explaining how to finally fix that:

Xcode Header Template for Swift Packages
If you use Swift Package, there are 2 pesky problems whenever you create a new file.

Learn about SwiftUI view lifecycle

The demo project you didn't know you needed :)

GitHub - ole/swiftui-view-lifecycle: Observe how different SwiftUI container views affect state and lifecycle events (onAppear, onDisappear).
Observe how different SwiftUI container views affect state and lifecycle events (onAppear, onDisappear). - GitHub - ole/swiftui-view-lifecycle: Observe how different SwiftUI container views affect…

Alright, that's it for today! Thank you to RevenueCat for sponsoring this issue ❤️
I'm curious if you found one of the tips particularly interesting - let me know by replying to this email!