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[bonus issue] Issue #36

Hi there,

Yesterday I've sent out the issue #35, and it was flagged as spam by Gmail. It was due to technical problems on Revue side, not sure what exactly. They got fixed after I reached out to support, and now the emails are delivered ok.

I know that a lot of you are looking forward to receiving the newsletter, but I didn't want to just redeliver the same email again. Hence this bonus issue with two great articles 😊

If you're on gmail, check your spam folder for the previous email, and please mark it as "not spam" 🙏 If you're not on Gmail, I hope you don't mind the bonus issue 💚

I am investigating changing to a more reliable email platform, so the email layout might be slightly different next time.

Managing secrets

How do we store secrets securely on the client? This NSHipster article goes over the pros and cons of hardcoding values in code, using xcconfig files, or providing API keys over the network.

Secret Management on iOS - NSHipster

Writing a perfect pull request

When you make a good pull request, you receive a quick review, clear feedback, and don't get too many questions such as "why did you do it like this?". This usually has almost nothing to do with the actual code changes! In this article you'll find tips on how to make your pull requests great.

How To Write The PERFECT Pull Request  | Level Up Coding


Thank you for bearing with me, and see you in two weeks!