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Issue #35

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Better test assertions

We all want the tests to immediately tell us that something is wrong, and here's some advice on how to achieve that by using XCTAssertEqual instead of just XCTAssert:

Multiple accessibility labels

With accessibilityUserInputLabels, we can provide multiple strings by which the user can address an element.

And a reminder not to use accessibilityLabel for internal strings for UI tests, there's accessibilityIdentifier for that.

System background

Reminder that UIColor.systemGroupedBackground exists, reflecting system background you see on grouped table views, for example in Settings. We can use it in both UIKit and SwiftUI:

More formatters

Remember ListFormatter I mentioned last time? Here's an infographic with even more examples of different native formatter APIs.

The traps of Swift Concurrency

There's many things the compiler doesn't check, and often the behaviour of async/await is not what you'd expect. Lots of traps to fall into... For example, actors are not as protective as they seem at first glance. Many examples of problems and solutions in this article by @kulik_wojciech.

It's a longer article going deep into how concurrency works, make sure to save it if you don't have time to read it yet :)

Swift Concurrency – Things They Don’t Tell You

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