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Issue #41

Hi there,
Welcome to the 41st issue of  iOS Code Review 👋 I hope you enjoy the reading!

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Simply invite a friend with a Coduo link, they open it in their browser, and just like magic - you are both working on the same Xcode project, with voice chat and full mouse & keyboard control for both users.

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My favorite architecture

Here's my favorite architecture stack for UIKit apps. I'm planning to write more about the different aspects of it - got a few questions in the comments there. What would you like to hear about first? (let me know by replying to this email)

VStack, LazyVStack vs List

Here Pitt compares the performance of the three options, on a real app. Excellent explanation of the differences, and tl;dr - never use VStack for lists with many elements.

In case you need to implement a long list with infinite scrolling, here's Donny summarizing how to achieve it with LazyVStack and List:

Implementing an infinite scrolling list with SwiftUI and Combine
Learn how to use SwiftUI’s onAppear and Combine to build a List that scrolls forever. As a bonus, you’ll also see how you can achieve the same with a LazyVStack.

On technical debt

Loving the analogies with the financial world. Technical debt is like actual debt, we borrow to be able to afford something we otherwise can't. Improving or cleaning up code is like an investment - we spend time to get something in return later.

Unwrapping optionals

Three ways to unwrap an optional, shaped as a meme:

Is this good code?

My galaxy-brain answer to this would be: as long as this function is covered by extensive unit tests, it doesn't matter that much how it's implemented.

Alright, that's it for today! Thank you to Coduo for sponsoring this issue.
I'm curious if you found one of the tips particulary interesting - let me know by replying to this email!