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Issue #39

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Welcome to issue #39, the last one in 2022. I wish you wonderful holidays, and see you on January 5 👋

Supporting webp images with PHPicker

Are  you using PHPickerViewController for photo library imports, and access images using loadObject(ofClass:)? It turns out, this method doesn't support some image formats, such as webp images. You can use loadDataRepresentation(forTypeIdentifier: "public.image", completionHandler:) instead.

Equality vs Identity

How is === different from == ?=== checks if it's the same instance, and is available only for classes. But why do we almost never have to use it?

All NSObjects ( UIView , UIViewControllers, etc) get a default Equatable conformance that uses Objective-C's isEqual: , which in turn compares instances, like === would. So when writing checks like if sender == myButton, we actually mean ===, but can save one character thanks to Swift's interoperability with Objective-C.

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More formatter coolness

I can't stop being amazed by all the different features available in formatters out of the box:

Readable large numbers

We can arbitrarily add _'s inside any type of number literal - integers, floats or even hex numbers:

large number separators — Swift with Vincent
Here’s the code if you want to experiment with it!

My top 5 tips

I teamed up with Vincent to record a 20 min. video where I share my top tips to improve your Swift code. Some of them have been featured in the newsletter earlier, but some have not:

  • Avoiding Retain Cycles with Combine or RxSwift
  • Typesafe Identifiers
  • Managing Complex UI States
  • Never Forget to Call a Completion Handler
  • Simplifying UI Code with Layout Margins
  • Typesafe Strings and Images

If you haven't seen the video yet, do check it out ☺️

Alright, that's it for today! Thank you to Codelime for sponsoring this issue.
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