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Issue #29

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Implicit weak self is coming

Usually I don't share things that Cannot Be Used Yet, but this one got me really excited! Starting with a future version of Swift, we won't have to write self inside closures after capturing it weakly:

swift-evolution/0365-implicit-self-weak-capture.md · apple/swift-evolution · GitHub

As of SE-0269, implicit self is permitted in closures when self is written explicitly in the capture list. We should extend this support to weak self captures, and permit implicit self as long as self has been unwrapped.

The background modifier

In the past year the family of  .background(...) modifiers has evolved. Now it has a few versions, allowing to customise alignment, safe area ignoring behaviour, and shape style of the background. There's even a version without any parameters at all - it sets the background to a color fitting the current color scheme. All versions are listed here and are documented pretty well.

Testing the mocks

Stumbled onto a peculiar use-case for unit tests, and I've never seen it in real-life projects. Documenting mock behaviour via tests will often be seen as "too much", but it can come handy in cases when lots of tests rely on one mock.

Thread safety in Swift

A longer but worthy read about different ways to manage multithreading in Swift and their trade-offs.

Thread Safety in Swift

Concurrency is the entry point for the most complicated and bizarre bugs a programmer will ever experience. In this article, I'll share my favorite methods of ensuring thread safety, as well as analyzing the performance of the different mechanisms.

Starting with open source

If you want to contribute to a project but didn't know which one, here's a good collection:


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