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Issue #17

I spent the whole morning thinking about whether it's appropriate to send out an issue today. For the sake of consistency I decided in favour of delivering on the promise of code improvement tips in your inbox every two weeks.

This time I got no cheerful words though. If you're able to enjoy something today - I hope you enjoy these tips.

Uninitialized variables + defer = 👯‍♀️

One of my favourite combinations of Swift's features:

HttpServer or HTTPServer?

Swift API design guidelines have the answer:

Representing measurement units

Measurement is a type that represents a numeric quantity labeled with a unit of measure, with support for unit conversion and unit-aware calculations. MeasurementFormatter has a range of options for presenting measurements in a localised way. Both are available since iOS 10. Starting iOS 15, SwiftUI's Text supports measurement formatting too:

The missing SwiftUI docs

Community-made documentation for SwiftUI types with beautiful examples. For instance, check out TabView documentation to get a taste.


SwiftUI fully documented, with visual examples on every page.

Is there the best architecture?

What works for a tiny startup won't work for a mature product with a large dev team, and vice versa. It's obvious, but still worth remembering when we discuss architectures in abstract.


Alright, that’s it for today.

Wherever you are, I hope you're safe.

I’d love to hear from you - reply to this email or reach out on Twitter via @ios_code_review 🙌